Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Low Rise Jeans In a High Rise in Peckham

In a bucket
Of fried convenience
Her fingers drip
In East Street gold
Future heirlooms
If all been told
To her newborn son
Whose father he'll
Never know
But even so
He's Niked to
The max
So that's ok
And he'll learn
The facts
Along the way
By a step dad
Or five
Who'll teach him
How to stay alive
Whilst beating
Him to the floor
And it won't take
Long for sure
For one to be
Smashing down
The door
Tonight mama's
Out with Nana
Who's only

The Party

Well les be avin ya
down 999 Letsby Avenue
we're havin a party!
I'll be wearing pants
And in the pantry you
can pet my paunch
and call me polly
Dont forget the booze
a burgundy will do
I've got vol-au-vons
freshly nestled on
armpit hair
And cheese delicately
squeezed through my toes
And I'm gonna throw shapes
to an 80's tape
Lets boogie
But dont bring that
bird Bonnie
She kept biting me
last time we met
Turn up around 8
Please bring your
own bog roll I've
run out.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Barking from Barking
Harking on about
Hes late for
A date
In the park

In the dark
The day-glo
Knickers of a
Big fat ho
Shes got
Eleven men
All Masturbating

"24 seven"
Shes on the go
Go girl go!!
A go-go girl
She once was
But then the goose
Got fat
And far too juicy
She was

Men kept
Trying to cook her
Spit roast
And they'd all
About the fat brass
blowing them
On brassy beds
On shag-pile

Burns on
Her knees
She always aimed to
Nagging wives
With Ease
Oh how their
Lives were

Monday, 16 May 2011

Love on The Dole

Love on the dole is....


Chip-paper without chips
Or a fag without a light
Yes we all rally together
But we still can't stop

The bite.

And the...

Cameraderie dissolves
Like the pill you took
Last night for the headache
That you had as you tried to stop

The fight

And your love begins to fade
As you see no end in sight
And money flies out the door,
And so does love.

It takes flight

It flies to a place
Where the moment feels right
Where its all warm and fuzzy
And it goes on

All night.

But It left behind a place
Where your knuckles turn white.
And a wretched fretful sleep is all that happens

All night

And it's a dark dark hole
Where they still can't make it right
So let the chip-paper burn.
Like the love that once burned

...........  So bright....